Imagine getting your car's oil changed and and not having to pay a thing at the time of the service. The technician tells you, "Don't worry, if there's a charge we will send you a bill later." Sounds great? Three months later you get a bill stating that you owe a $20 copay, a 10% coinsurance and you haven't met your deductible yet. Amount due immediately: $1000!

Who would pay $1000 for an oil change? Don't be a donkey! Join Frontier DPC and pay a low monthly fee for all of your primary care needs.

Monthly Subscription

0-19 years — $40 per month
20-39 years — $50 per month
40-59 years — $75 per month
60 years and up — $100 per month
Family — Price for parents plus $10 per child up to age 19.