Is Direct Primary Care Right for me?

People ask us all the time if direct primary care is right for them. The short answer is “Yes!” To prove it, this is a Direct Primary Care story.

Mrs. D is a 57 year old teacher.  She has been teaching for 28 years and has been so focused on helping kids succeed that she has forgotten to take care of herself.  She came to Frontier with a myriad of health problems including years of excess weight gain, joint pains, autoimmune problems and high blood pressure.  

At Frontier she found a doctor who made time for her when she could get away from school.  We spent the time digging into her problems and doing the necessary tests to rule out major health problems.  She took a referral to a dietary counselor who created a custom made diet plan just for her. Her follow up visits are frequently by phone or email so that she does not miss entire days of school for a 15 minute visit with her doctor.

Today, Mrs. D is off to the races.  Thirty pounds lighter and down to just one blood pressure medicine she will soon be off all medication.  She no longer lives in fear of a retirement riddled with sickness. And she got all this for less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee at Starbucks

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