Is Direct Primary Care Right for me?

People ask us all the time if direct primary care is right for them. The short answer is “Yes!” To prove it, this is a Direct Primary Care story.

Mrs. Perez is a retired 60 year old who has been struggling with a few medical problems.  She has trouble losing weight, insulin resistance, fatigue, shortness of breath climbing stairs and a persistent rash that won’t go away.  Since her retirement she purchased a BlueCross BlueShield insurance plan. Partially subsidized by the federal government, she thought she would be able to address her medical problems at an affordable price.  

Unfortunately, the highly motivated Mrs. Perez discovered that, in spite of her best efforts, she was unable to lose weight on her own and nothing helped her rash get better.  She visited several doctors and quickly learned that her health insurance didn’t cover anything until she had paid $15,000 out of pocket!  She found that she was paying full price for every doctor visit, lab test, and biopsy.  Even worse, the doctors she met were compassionate but were clearly rushed and didn’t have the time to hear her full story.

Just when she was giving up hope, she discovered Frontier DPC.  Now she meets with her doctor for a full hour at a time. Lab tests that cost anywhere from $20-$100 now cost her $3-$10.  There are no office copays, she spends as many as 60 minutes at a time with her doctor and she can contact him directly when she has questions between visits.  Her doctor actively seeks to reduce the number of medications she is taking and has connected her with free dietary counseling. Not only is she saving money on out of pocket medical expenses but she is getting the time and attention she needs to successfully complete her healthcare goals.