Is Frontier Direct Primary Care right for me?

People ask us all the time if direct primary care is right for them. The short answer is “Yes!” To prove it, this is a Direct Primary Care story.

One of our first families signed up during our opening free trial. Initially, dad was fairly skeptical about the value of a DPC membership.  However, within a few days of becoming members, this family’s oldest child was hit in the eye with a toy and suffered a visible and deep laceration of the cornea, the topmost layer of the eye.  Naturally, this happened on a Sunday.

For most families, this would mean a 6 hour ER visit with a bill in excess of $1000.  However, mom and dad took a picture with a cell phone and sent it directly to their doctor in a text message.  A quick glance confirmed the diagnosis and within a few minutes, Dr. Lazzopina had sent the appropriate antibiotic eye drops to the pharmacy.  Mom and dad improvised a homemade eye patch to protect the eye and their child was back to playing with his sibling that same afternoon.

With that one event this family saved themselves enough money to pay for 10 months of Frontier DPC membership and avoided the terrific time waste and hassle of an ER visit.  The family continues to enjoy same day office visits, no wait times and big time discounts on lab tests and imaging tests. Way to go mom and dad!

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